13 Stunning Ways To Do Your Fingernails For Your Next Manicure

There are many different types of manicures to choose from but for many people, the french-style is the way to go. After all, fashions come and go but the French manicure is always going to be in style. Not only that, it is right for every occasion and can compliment any outfit. Quite simply, it is the go-to manicure style that you should always consider when getting your nails done.

Of course, just because you are talking about a French style manicure does not mean you are talking about the same exact style. There is plenty of room for variation and, with the right person doing your nails, you can really end up with something quite stunning. At times, it may be as simple as adding a decorative flower to one nail, but you certainly aren’t limited to that single idea.

When it comes to variation on the French style manicure, you really have to check out these 15 pictures. Not only do they push the French to the limit, you will have to agree that they make quite a statement in the process.

1. Mirror Nails


2. Polka-Dot style


3. A little gold


4. Some golden glitter


5. Stunning red and black


6. The gloss and matte combo


7. Black tips


8. Silver glitter


9. Geometric design


10. Basic black and white


11. More nail geometry


12. A stripe of white


13. Wine with gold tips


Via: Bright Side

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