Purple Nail Polish Designs – Lovely!

Was one of the most popular colors and many women try to use it in their lives whenever possible. That is especially true when accessorizing, and there is no better way to accessorize then to design your fingernails!

These nail art pictures will be an absolute dream for anyone who adores the color purple. From the subtle to the not-so-subtle, these different designs are certain to keep you busy and happy for a very long time. All it takes is a study and and a little bit of patience and you can have the most fantastic looking nails you ever dreamed of!

1. Sugarplum Fairy – Perfect for a Holiday Party or for New Year’s Eve!


2. Honeybees – Add a little gold your nails for this adorable design.


3. Glam – using a three-dimensional look for your nails is the perfect design for special occasions.


4. Go Deep – Don’t be afraid to use a deeper color for a more dramatic effect


5. Sparkle Crush – Are you ready to make a statement? These spark el nails are perfect!


6. Flower Power! – You can mix and match designs for a more dramatic look


7. Big Snowflake – Add this large snowflake for an awesome effect


8. Fade In – This is a classic look and will always be a favorite


9. Glitter Power – Add some sparkle to your life with these beautiful nails


10. Purple Snow – Perfect for the winter, this is a pretty polish that looks good for any occasion


11. Christmas Sparkle – These nails are sure to be the highlight of your Christmas party. They can also inspire you for other possibilities as well!


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