Sometimes It Is Nice To Have Variety And Options With Your Hair

One of the real benefits of being a woman, in my opinion anyway is all of the various hairstyles we can choose from. Now some people may criticise and say that a man can have as many styles as they want, but I don’t think in general that is still the case.One of the really extreme things we can do, and I have been known to do this on quite a few occasions is to change the colour of our hair There are many options available from the understated, to the extreme neon styles.

But sometimes those bright colours are perhaps not appropriate for certain occasions. If you are being a bridesmaid for instance, and the dresses are yellow, fluorescent orange hair may not be the most appropriate. But on the other hand, you may not want to be let one day dictate your hair colouring choices for a month or more. This wonderful technique may solve both problems in one fell swoop. By following this simple layering method, you can hide the bright colours underneath your natural colouring until you want to display them. Even if they do show through, they simply add a little twist of colour and provides a talking point for a beautiful hairstyle.