Take Your Colours For A Test Drive With This Hidden Rainbow Hairstyle

Most of us face the same decision every time we step into a hair salon. We need to decide if we are going to do something unusual with our hair or if it is going to be a subtle change. As it turns out, you may be able to have both at the same time!

Doing something different with your hair can certainly provide a needed change. There may still be times, however, when you don’t want to display something on the wild side. When you choose this hidden rainbow hair style, it is the absolute perfect balance between the two. You have colour when you want it and your natural style when you don’t.

This type of dying technique hides the rainbow colour beneath the natural shade of your hair. You can reveal it in a number of surprising ways or you can simply leave your hair down for a more natural look.

The most important part about the hidden rainbow hairstyle is making sure you don’t disturb the integrity of the hair during the lightning process. When done improperly, it could result in unexpected colours.

Stay tuned for the final results later today 🙂 #rainbowhair #hiddenrainbow #hiddenrainbowhair by Seniour colourist Carla

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When the hairstyle is done properly, however, it is absolutely flawless looking. Little hints of colour may pop through when you run your fingers through your hair and you can put it up in a braid or bun to reveal the colour in striking ways.

This is perhaps one of the more versatile hairstyles, because you can hide it when you are in the office and display it proudly when you are out at a party. It’s the proverbial rainbow hair mullet, without the stigma behind it.

You can see some of the better hidden Rainbow hair creations in the images below:

Hidden rainbows are all the London rage right now. #hiddenrainbowhair #hiddenrainbow #rainbow #rainbowhair by Carla

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Iniciando la semana con este #secretrainbowhair ? en @soloparamunecas ?✌???

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There's always a rainbow after the rain ?☺️ #hairdye #hiddenrainbow #crazycolours #underlights

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Actual #hiddenrainbow footage #enjoy

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Jiijii! Bello #secretrainbowhair de hoy en @soloparamunecas ?????❤?

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Hidden rainbows from your boss… That's so Not Another Salon. #rainbowhair #rainbowhaircolour #rainbowhairdontcare #unicorn

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#rainbowhair #dontcare #hiddenrainbow #underlights #rainbow #ilovemyhair #mylittlepony #tonywoodhair

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Another view of the #hiddenrainbow #underlights from today ?

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