The Perfect Way To Apply Make Up In 1948

Applying makeup is a skill that needs to be learned. There are obviously people who are very skilled in makeup application, but everyone needs to start somewhere and sometimes it might be better to go back to the old methods in order to go forward with the new.

Back in the 1940’s, everything seemed so much more elegant. It was a time of high standards when things were expected to be done properly. Machinery and equipment were made to a very high quality, think of the many items still in perfect working order today that originate in the 1940’s. And a lady had to look just right. She had to exude class and decorum, and really look elegant. This video shows how girls were taught to apply makeup in 1948. And like all things, sometimes the original old ideas were the best. You will probably learn quite a lot from watching this video, I know I did. So go grab a nice hot drink, and settle down to learn a few tips and tricks from a bygone era.Even if you don’t learn anything new, which I highly doubt, you will find the video interesting and informative. It may also inspire you to look further into the era and consider how things have changed. Sometimes the more things change, the more they stay the same.